February 11, 2009

The Gymnast

Molly is so excited! She was recently moved to the "Big Gym" for the big girls. Now she's doing real gymnastics! This week I brought the camera to catch her in action. The pictures turned out pretty dark, but you can still see her. What a cutie!

I was never an athlete. I know that surprises all of you! Maybe it's because I'm her mother-and we know how crazy parents can be... But she's REALLY good! She also has the cutest gymnast legs I've ever seen! She gets those muscles from her Daddy, for sure! She does love gymnastics, but mostly I think she likes the snack bar afterwards! This week I gave her a dollar and let her order. She is getting so big. She told the man, "I want a coke ICEE, a SMALL one." She sounded like such a big kid. I am not ready for her to order her own ICEEs. No one prepared me for how that would feel! What will the first day of kindergarten be like? Stay tuned. Although I'll be across the hall, I already feel a nervous breakdown coming on! The only consolation to me will be the cute little plaid uniform she will wear! Adorable!


elaine said...

how cute is she...and so grown up! love the pics of the twins, too...i can't imagine double trouble...one is enough at my house;) we need to get these kiddos together soon...what's a little more chaos?!!

Delores Hope said...

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